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Enrich Therapy


Are you ready for the Enrichment journey?

Telehealth is available for Georgia & Alabama residents.

Your Quality of Life Matters 

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We understand the first step on a new path toward improved mental health, self care, or simply just putting yourself first can be overwhelming. However, by taking the first step you are on your way toward greater life enrichment. Achieving greater life enrichment simply means, taking action to improve or enhance the quality or value of your life. This includes, developing and maintaining a stronger quality of mental and emotional stability. 

Enrich your life . . .

What exactly is an enriched life? An enriched life is purposeful, meaningful, and includes a sense of inner fulfillment. It means stepping out of your comfort zone - filling your mind with experiences that challenge you. It's a feeling of pleasure and true satisfaction from within. 

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Our Process

Contact US

Therapy Session

Not quite ready to schedule a consultation? Interested in starting therapy but needing additional information? Send us a message, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.  

In order to make the therapeutic process seamless and ensure a good therapeutic match, we provide a 15 min complimentary consultation. During the consultation we take a few mins to get to know you, your needs and therapy goals.

 Our  insurance verification process is seamless, we'll inform you of your copay & deductible.

After your appointment is scheduled, we'll develop a plan of action based on your needs and goals.

Therapy sessions are virtual and last 53 - 60 mins. Our sessions are designed

for you to spend dedicated time focusing on

your needs. Self expression sets the tone -each client is encouraged to express themselves during the session through word choice, thoughts, and action.


Our Focus

The Right Fit


We've found that life's challenges may be physical, emotional, mental, or social. Our focus is creating an empowering and affirming space - we work closely with you to discover or re discover self. The action of self-work is as simple as it sounds. Identifying, acknowledging, and working on self to improve and grow.

Choosing the right therapist is one of the most important decisions to make on your therapeutic journey.  The right therapist can provide non biased feedback, while helping you work through just about any challenges. While working through complex issues we'll help you achieve and maintain a better quality of mental and emotional wellness.

A few of our approaches include . . .  Problem Solving  | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Acceptance Commitment Therapy  | Person Centered Therapy | Brief Psychotherapy | Problem Solving | Cognitive Processing Therapy | Collaborative Therapy | Dialectical Behavioral Therapy | Mindfulness | Motivational Interviewing | Supportive Psychotherapy | Trauma Therapy

Why do I need therapy?

I'm just fine.

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 Imagine telling someone you are just fine when you are really falling apart on the inside, feeling defeated, or on the verge of crashing.

Seeking the support of a therapist or talking to a counselor doesn't mean you aren't fine, it means you desire to feel greater than just fine. Truth is, the response "I'm fine" often masks what we really want to say and doesn't reflect how we are truly feeling.

Working from Home

Sometimes family, friends,  google, and social media don't always give the best advice. You also don't want to drain those who are providing a supportive space for you to vent. A therapist can provide unbiased advice and help you work through some of the most difficult issues.

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